A return to traditional design is coming this Winter.  There are so many beautiful accessories that appear each Winter season to keep us warm and stylish. 

Some of these items can be whimsical and fun.  Some are spunky and trendsetting.  All of this cold-weather couture is inspirational, but none can be quite as close to the heart as an introductory knitted piece of handmade ingenuity that perfectly compliments the style, skin, and wardrobe we're in. 

What's my favorite Winter wardrobe item?  It's the almighty scarf.  A great scarf can dress up an old favorite coat or it can dictate a new direction -urging and prompting for new boots or gloves to compliment.  Each piece of this Winter's offerings are designed with 3 things in mind:

Warmth and durability,

Uniqueness - one of a kind custom offerings, and

Preserving a history of handmade American goods.

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